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Free update with every catharsis
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Time to get these updates more regular again, I must stop trying to make them perfect... on that theme, fans of 'My Wrongs', really need to get out to the cinema to see Black Swan by Aron Aronofsky.  A lot of the same themes, issues, and even approaches.  It seems, like My Wrongs, to be obvious from the off, yet it also contains all this extra depth to it.  I'm not sure if it's less subtle, or I've just been primed by CM's psychological masterpiece.  I certainly would have been able to engage with My Wrongs much sooner, if it weren't for all the smoke in my past.  Take substance, miss substance.

Many thanks to jutl for the new logo
I'm really loving putting together the Comedy Chat podcast, making them looser each time, putting more of my own personality in them.  It's all helping me to begin to understand, finally, how to actually engage with comedy properly.  What an unbelievably complicated art-form it can be, particularly when you just get hung up on "haha."  Christ, it's tough, partly because everyone thinks the nature of it means it's inherently flippant.  Hey, you can't be serious about comedy!  Aaah, bugger off, and take EB White's justification for ignorance with you.  With the sort of mind I have, it's extremely easy to get hung up on details, to the detriment of the whole.  Only looking for the negative isn't a valid way of engaging with art.  Prioritising the negative is destructive, and boxes you in with dogma.  Morris has been pretty explicit about this, over the years, from the packaging of My Wrongs, to the 'details-obsessed fuckwits' road-sign in Nathan Barley, and most recently with the tiny quote at the bottom of the Four Lions poster.  Yet still our knees jerk, without questioning why.  When we - I - did notice, I didn't even do anything about it.  Still hung up on the details, about being hung up on the details.  Hilarious.

Chris finished his tour of the USA, then, and it was challenging just trying to keep up with him.  There's still a bunch of stuff I haven't yet been able to catch up on, but it was a joy to see him continuing to confound expectations.  My favourite thing would have to be the WFMU interview, where Morris gets (for him) quite directly personal at times.  It's such a fucking great hour of radio, with the twitter and 'good muslim/bad muslim' rants being the highlights.  Lovely fully-formed bits, just popping out of him.  I heard that when it was going out, and the latter bit was a remarkable change in dynamics.  Seemed to come from a place of real, intense irritation...and then he just snaps out of it.  Oh yeah, remind me, in future, not to do any more whining about 'when's he going back to the radiooooo', will you?  Preference is fine, and it never really stopped me from engaging with the actual work, but I no longer want these dogmatic, mental hurdles.  For a comprehensive list of appearances, try this thread and there's this one for American reviews and such.  If you can't be arsed to dig through the discussion for the former, then weirdbeard has very kindly put together a list here.  It really feels like he's enjoying performing:

Various other things have really interested me, and perhaps even helped me get closer to directly engaging, while casting aside all baggage; ceasing with second-guessing everyone.  I love this (video) interview, where the interviewer raises a couple of funny ideas, such as asking whether it's possible to make a film which ends terrorism.  What was most notable and impressive to me, was that Morris didn't take the piss.  He just rolls with the ideas, to see where they go!  I'm trying to iron out every single knee jerk reaction I have, and this is a compelling example of where ideas can take you, when you let them.  ApexJazz was right, when he sweet-talked our way into a radio studio in Bradford, so I could drool at the desk - there are no locked doors.

That'll do for now.  More frequent, less epics.  Let me just point you to a couple of discussions, first...  Jerry Sadowitz is touring at the minute, and has added another date for tomorrow night.  I've gone cock-a-hoop for him over the last week.  In terms of other fearless,liberated and truly uncompromised performers, I recently interviewed Touretteshero, and she really affected and inspired me.  Please check out her twitter, and forthcoming website, so you can see the compelling, creative side of Tourettes, which the media never seems to bother engaging with. 

OK, let's do this website properly now.  Back next week with some No Known Cure - I finally give up on the tape stretch issue, you're all going to have to give me a hand.

P.S. CaBTV returns to CaB Radio this Sunday - Comedy Chat Live will be running from 6pm (till late), rather than its usual time of 8pm.
P.P.S Kayvan Novak was great in Four Lions, but come on, British Comedy Awards, Nigel Lindsay was utterly extraordinary.  Let's see if Four Lions picks up a couple of BAFTA's, next.
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Honestly just wondering what will happen if I press the 'Post' button, in a thread, in this little box up here.


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Just try it and see what happens to your account.


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I did try it, and now Admiral Ackbar is haunting my living waking moments, as well as my dreams.

Would not recommend.


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weekend man is greatest posting man

other peoples who posting is smell bad and always cry